Chamber of the CHRIST.

All about us can be envisaged in living a ‘Preeminent Life’.

Preeminent Life Assembly is a new wave ministry ordained and commissioned under the order of the Lord Jesus Christ and for HIMSELF. We are instruments of grace to HIS good work. We are spiritual, conscious and we that influence –  the aura of HIM who had called us to glory without which there is no glory.

Spiritual life is a journey and CHRIST is our pathway into the hall of the father. The assembly is just an earthly meeting point, like a subway or an airport where we board our flight to him. Whatever that happens from this point of our life and beyond it, will be our own making. What we are writing is the design of a city whose designer and maker is GOD.  Our cities will be spread abroad as people of light so that every one of us would peaceably know the way to the FATHER through JESUS CHRIST.

We started with the simple task of evangelism, outreach, deliverance, and preaching of the sound gospel with a simple mission to lead generations unto GOD without which our work on earth is a complete failure. Wherever we find ourselves and in whatever we do, that remains our mission. We are ordained to save the LORD’s lost and dying sheep, we are to put together in love and unity the people of the LORD for HIS perfected Second Coming. We serve one King, JESUS CHRIST, to whom we pledge our non-negotiable loyalty, unbreakable allegiance and total support to the actualization of HIS ‘one nation’

We have been used by GOD to touch the lives of many people in many parts of the earth and across different religion in the world. In a bid to stand strong for our Lord JESUS CHRIST we are set to move as a Solid Front, concentrating on our mission/assignment and holding forth our stronghold until the end.

We hope to be fulfilled in the Salvation that is delivered through CHRIST and to grow into his fullness (the exact image of HIS son).

The preeminent life is a series of things to do, examine, comprehend and to be affected by results. It’s not a day’s but a day’s decision. How on every side of life, the heartbeat of a true believer who desires growth and development in dignity is poised towards doing the very will of GOD and GOD in HIS infinite mercy haven opened up all the doors and windows of heaven towards them that seeks HIM do grant us permission to enter into the special realms of life, because we are and choose to remain spiritual.

There is no door locked against anyone found in CHRIST, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit, the spirit is the beginning, the spirit will be the end, and spirit will remain our business. When people withdraw themselves from GOD, doors keep locking against them, but as they make a turn back to HIM from whom they have been withdrawing from, the doors begin to open. The mountain of GOD is closed, except for those who climb in HIM. Every life of bondage, hindrance and unaffordability are often ascribed to sin, disobedience, and ignorance. A better life awaits those who’ll be found in HIM keep growing in HIS love.

If you have tried all humanly possible in GOD, you haven’t tried the Preeminent Life – The life of the Spirit that cannot be imprisoned, it goeth where it listeth and so is everyone that’s found in HIM. The life we preach is the life of liberty far above all the whims and caprices of men, their ways, dictates, social-culture and also far above natural religion – we stand as a people separated for HIS glory. The Preeminent Life calls for a fully functional life, one which will remain grateful to the creator after well spent. We search every day for a better life, we scramble the forest of wisdom like a hungry lion, we catch the revealing knowledge of GOD in form of wisdom, eat, digest and grow better than we are.

What We Want To Do

To build a Spirit-Led Worship Centre.

Our Mission

Our mission remains to see people saved, healed, set free, spiritual, discipled empowered, and serving.

Our Vision

To be a house full of faith and the Spirit of GOD, a house that will make heaven.